Annual Events

Finance Summit: Manthan

Risk assessment and management is one of the core considerations in the field of finance, be it lending or investment decision. The topic has acquired greater relevance in the current financially turbulent times when every institution has to carefully gauge the various factors contributing to risk. For manage-ment student and future leaders, it is vital to have a sound under-standing of the subject. The Finance Club of DoMS IIT, Roorkee organized Manthan on the 29th of September 2013. The Event was graced by the presence of some eminent speakers from the industry.


Marketing Summit : Vipanan

Big data is already a buzzword in the field of Marketing. Marketers are getting increasingly interested and involved in capturing and analyzing Big Data for a variety of reasons. For a management student, it is of vital importance to understand about this new concept. DoMS, IIT Roorkee found such an opportunity to discuss the topic and learn from the industry leaders. The event was marketing summit, Vipanan which was organized on 15-Sep-2013 at Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee in association with ISTD Dehradun chapter. The event was sponsored by brands such as Namo Alloy & Indian Oil and conducted by MarkIIT, the marketing club of DoMS, IIT Roorkee. There was an aura of excitement in the department and students were enthusiastic about the same.



REGALIA is an annual alumni meet of DOMS IIT Roorkee. Regalia gives a chance to the previous batches to relive their memories, while being back again. As alumni share their moments of joy with the hosting batches they make sure that along with it they guide all the students on how to get the best out of the place in terms of education, learning, experience, fun & free times at DOMS.

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Regalia 2013

Regalia 2010

Silver Jubilee Alumni Meet: Shaping the Future

It is always an emotional subject for anyone to be back to the roots. And it becomes even more touching when it happens after a long time. DoMS, IIT Roorkee also witnessed it on 24th and 25th November 2012. The occasion was silver jubilee alumni meet, a chance for former students and now industry stalwarts to return to Roorkee after a gap of 25 years. The alumni as well as the institute both were equally jubilant for the moment. Not only did these two days give us a chance to meet them but also provided an opportunity to listen and learn from these experts. A total of eight eminent personalities gave their views, opinions and thoughts on the topic “Shaping the Future” which has now achieved relevance as never before. The event went on for two days and proved immensely helpful for students to get an insight and understanding of real world business.


Vyan 2012

It was not an ordinary day for Dept of management Studies, IIT Roorkee. This was the day when DoMS conducted two national level competitions, Vicissitude and Evangelist. There was an aura of excitement in the department and the students were even more enthusiastic and thrilled about the occasion. The event saw a large number of participation from colleges across the nation for both contests. Everyone was equally good and it was a challenging job for the judges to choose the best among the best.



CONFLUENCIA is a National level Symposium hosted by Department of management Studies (DoMS), IIT Roorkee. It aims at bringing together the ideas and opinions from eminent speakers and avant garde from government, academia and industry on a common platform. It makes an earnest attempt at not only defining the problem statements but also at evolving sustainable solutions. The event intends to provide an absorbing learning environment for all the participants.

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Confluencia 2011

Confluencia 2010

Confluencia 2009

Confluencia 2008


UMANG is an initiative to connect academia, non-government organizations, future managers, and social entrepreneurs to facilitate exchange of views and opinions on various social issues. It provides a platform to various stakeholders to interact on different socio-economic issues faced and attempts to sensitize them on the same.

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Umang 2010

Umang 2009


JIGYASA, a national level paper presentation contest and the flagship event of Department of Management Studies IIT Roorkee, has evolved along with the department since its very inception. In the past, Jigyasa has turned the spotlight on emerging topics such as Knowledge Management, m-Commerce, Innovation, Emerging Technologies, Globalization and Digital Inclusion etc .The aim of Jigyasa is to explore and understand the various perspectives and ideas in order to get a board insight into different aspects of knowledge.Jigyasa which is a sanskrit word meaning 'Curiosity', implies unending quest for discovering things around us. It is a platform for curious minds to show their creativity.

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Jigyasa 2010

Jigyasa 2009


THOMSO is a cultural festival held annually at IIT Roorkee. It is not only the largest youth festival of Uttarakhand but also one of the largest youth festivals of India. It has about 5000-6000 college students from all over India in attendance apart from around 5000 students of IIT Roorkee itself.

Corporata is one such event at Thomso which is organised by students of DOMS. Corporata brings out the best in the person. It tests and develops skills like teamwork and decision making of an individual and grooms him to be the perfect corporate.

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Thomso 2010

Thomso 2009


COGNIZANCE is a vibrant technical festival was initiated in 2003, with an aim of providing opportunities to the student community to exercise its academic acumen and ingenuity and become a hub for ground-breaking ideas and solutions. Various managerial events are organised by DOMS.

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Cognizance 2010


Exuberance is Annual Sports Fest of DoMS IIT Roorkee.The event gives a chance to students from both first and second year students to show off their skills and prowess in every sport.

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Exuberance 2012

Exuberance 2011


Bhor is a Deaf awareness week event conducted by the collaboration between Anushruti school and Department of Management Studies. ‘Deaf Awareness Week’ was held from 24th September 2012 to 30th September 2012. This opportunity, identified by a group of committed individuals that included the Professors and the students, was translated into a tangible and grand event that could spend nothing but similes across the entire campus of IIT Roorkee with promises of getting better and bigger in terms of the social cooperation that it exhibited in between the two sections of the same society that continue to be same though differed by a misnomer of ‘ability’.

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Bhor 2012


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